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Dave Portnoy Prepares for his Head to Head Golf Match vs. Brooks Koepka

With 16 refreshing styles there is literally something for everyone:

- We’re going to be drinking Truly all year, it’s our favorite hard seltzer, and perfect drink

to have when

o you’re out on the course all day

o You’re out at a bar

o On the Beach

o Or just relaxing at home

- Truly is the perfect Seltzer for every occasion this summer!


A long episode with a lot going on: 

- Dave prepares for battle with Brooks Koepka 

- Barstool Pick Em drama continues

- A wild RNR 15 card including Chef Donnie vs. QCP 

-  Borelli's comes to NYC with a pop-up shop attended by Barstool employees 

- GlennyBalls gets tatted up to sit down with Caleb and Randy Orton