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Barstool Goes Full Dive Bar And Gnaws On Pickled Pigs Feet

Lowering The Bar shows it's true colors as a dingy dive bar by serving Barstool bloggers pickled pigs feet. A good rule of thumb at a total dive bar is Dive Bar, Go With The Jar. Every single food item at a dive bar is going to make you shit your pants, but you want to find something that doesn't give you E. Coli and put you in the ER. The safest, cleanest option? Anything pickled. Give me eggs over feet any-day, but this is Lowering The Bar ... it's not supposed to be easy. 

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Baseball. Apple Pie. Hotdogs. Chevrolet. Guy Fieri created one of the dumbest food items for one of the dumbest episodes of Lowering The Bar …