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Brutal Mistakes Lead To Failure In The Generation XYZ Season Opener

While an 11-8 loss to Team Experts (Brandon, PFT, Fran) doesn't reflect anything Team Generation XYZ (Large, Jake Marsh, Myself) should be ashamed of, last night Gen XYZ put together their most pathetic trivia performance in franchise history. All our wrong answers missed the mark by a single digit or letter. The team was rusty, nothing was clicking. This is not where Team Gen XYZ wants to be, but luckily there is plenty of season left. In 2003 the Patriots were EMBARRASSED by the Bills in the home opener. Like Gen XYZ , the Patriots were not where they wanted to be in the beginning of the season, but the Patriots finished 14-2 in the regular season and won a Super Bowl. See you in the playoffs.

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