I Really Don't Hate the Yankees: Sunday Funday Picks

Well yesterday sucked. Went 1-2 with only the Brewers cashing. The white sox completely destroyed the Astros and Kim just dominated the Giants, but today is a new day and I have two plays that should help me bounce back. 

First is the Tigers F5 ML. This is really just a fade of Happ. He just has not been good at all this year for the Twins and don’t see why he is priced so high, especially against Peralta. I get that Happ had 8ks over 7 innings his last time out against the Tigers but that was arguably his best game all year, so don’t think he does it again.

On the flip side Peralta has been very consistent only giving up 1 run in his last 3 starts. I think ol Wily can hold off the Twins and the Tigers bats will scrape together some runs early off Happ. Give me the Tigers here at plus money. 

Next is the Red Sox F5 ML. Love this play as I think the wrong team is favored, especially in the F5. Perez has looked great against the Yankees and think he continues to deal here in a prime time game against the Yankees. Look, if you haven’t followed my picks before you will probably notice a trend that I pick against the Yankees a lot. I don’t hate the Yankees. I just think the market is constantly over valuing them so tend to find value on the other side. Tonight is really no different. I think Boston at plus money in the F5 is undervaluing Perez and overvaluing Taillon. Give me the Sox as a dog in the F5 with Perez all day

Let’s have a Sunday!