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Barstool Rundown - July 14, 2021


SLIQ is a brand new hard (yes, alcohol infused) freezer pop that is crafted with elevated flavors to inspire good times.

Available in different premium spirit offerings, including Rum & Agave

8% ABV at 100 calories or less, each naturally flavored SLIQ Spirited Ice pop tastes good, if not better than any daiquiri or margarita you would be drinking.

The pops are convenient enough to throw in the cooler and bring along to a backyard BBQ, or a pool party.

Scoop up a box (or 2 , or 10) at your local Walmart or liquor store and load your freezer. Just know that once you SLIQ, sipping will never be the same. To learn more go to sliqspiritedice.com

This ad has been brought to you by 21 Holdings LLC in West Chicago, IL. Must be 21 and up to purchase and consume. Please drink responsibly.



Sometimes life stinks. The good news? You don’t have to… because Native has your back. Native cares about the products you put on your body. They’re about stopping the stink, the right way.

Native now has a broad spectrum SPF30 sunscreen for your face and body. It is lightweight, absorbs quickly and you can choose between unscented or coconut & pineapple. 

You can get their deodorant and body wash in amazing scents like coconut & vanilla, citrus & herbal musk, lavender & rose and more!

You can even build your own, personalized product bundles. Mix and match three of your favorite scents and keep them on rotation so you have something for every occasion!

Stay fresh, stay clean with Native by going to NativeDeo.com/Rundown, or use promo code rundown at checkout, and get 20% off your first order.