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Spittin Chiclets Takes Over KFC Radio

- Is Feits sunburnt or tan? - an office debate

- picking new colors to bleed, pee, and poop

- how to properly jerk off in a car

- what "gas tank" level would you want your body to show you? (This question will make more sense when you listen)

-  the guys are not impressed with Conor Mcgregor

- KFC got punched by a homeless man

- I Think You Should Leave Season 2 is one of the funniest shows right now

- Top 5 words

- Voicemails:

        - How much would your brain cost?

        - Run everywhere or shout everything?

- 01:49:25 Spittin' Chicklets Interview including potential other career paths, fighting Jake Paul, what celebrity sex tape would you most want to see, and much more


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