How Quickly Can Barstool Bloggers Eat One Hotdog?

"A hotdog should be savored" - Frank The Tank

There is nothing like savoring a good dirty water dog, but on the 4th of July, hotdogs are meant to be devoured as quickly as possible. Joey Jaws Chestnut has made a living on forgetting to savor, all while setting the world record for hotdogs eaten in 10min with 75 hotdogs.  Eating your weight in hotdogs is disgusting, but simply forcing down 1 steamed beef dog seems manageable. How quickly? That depends on who is willing to risk choking for all the glory of winning Lowering The Bar.

While we didn't have the stomachs to stuff ourselves full of hot dogs on Lowering The Bar, these brave Milton tough souls were willing to risk everything for Barstool content.

The only thing that can rival the single hotdog eating contest, is the slightly crooked ring toss game from last week …