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Would You Give A Standing Ovation To A Murderer? Jarrad Carrabis Says Yes

Welcome to Season One, Episode One of Old Claims Court, where your hottest takes can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Today, our own King of Hot Takes starts the season off with a bang. 

Yes, KFC appears before the judge. The Crime? Red Sox hate (with a side of Yankee libel). The Evidence?

Our special prosecutor for the day is our own resident unbiased national baseball journalist as well as Red Sox podcast host, Jared Carrabis. Did you know Jared once threw a no-hitter and also wrote a book about the Sox? Me neither. Wild how news like that goes under the radar. 

Check out the full episode and then vote below on whether you think KFC is guilty or innocent of defamation of an MLB legend.

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