Chatting With Matt "The Steamrolla" Frevola Just Hours Before He Fights At UFC 263

Alright, so this interview was actually recorded in the middle of his weight cut on Thursday - but to keep tradition, I figured, let's put it out on Fight Day....

Matt "The Steamrolla" Frevola is a great dude and friend of Barstool at this point, but if you're still unfamiliar with the UFC prospect, give our interviews a watch and see what the Strong Islander is all about! 

We discuss his horrific luck with getting a fight as of late....

….as well as his twin brother Cheezie Frevola's Rough N Rowdy debut and how 'The Streamrolla' prepared him for that fight….

Frevola is the very first leg of the big Robbie Fox Super Longshot Parlay tonight (BOOSTED TO +3200 ON THE BARSTOOL SPORTSBOOK) so make sure to check that out if you're in a legal state….

….and if you don't have anyone to watch the fights with, come hang with us….

Stream goes live at 8pm and a buncha people from HQ are gonna be there. Should be a fun atmosphere.

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