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Behind the Scenes of Barstool's Insane Indy 500 Party with Machine Gun Kelly

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The Battle at Borelli’s has blown up into an all-out war. Frankie and his Dad vs. the Boston Crew of Grinelli, RA, Biz, Whit, Feits, Kayce and Marina. 

Round 1 at Borelli’s leads to a change of direction for the rest of the series when Dave decides to send the stream up to Boston for Games 3 and 4. 

In Indy, Dave checks out the hallowed grounds of the Indianapolis 500, does a Pizza Review with Machine Gun Kelly, and preps for the Barstool 500 Party, with MGK and Diplo. 


Back in the office, the ANUS boys try to determine the source of a stream of farts. 

The episode ends with the first part of the Boston chapter in the Barstool slanders vs. Bruins’ playoff series streams. 

Have a hell of a weekend to all!