I got embarrassed in my OVW pro wrestling debut


It was a simple question. Asked by Big Cat on The Yak about a year ago, he wanted to know "If you weren't at Barstool, what would your ideal job be?"

I never hesitated. Without question or delay, my answer was immediate.

"Heel pro wrestling manager," i proclaimed boldly and immediately. That started a chain of events that led me to Louisville, Kentucky last night. I was contacted by Big Trouble Ben Bishop, a future wrestling star who is currently building his career on the independent wrestling scene.

He and I started a partnership which has led to a few smaller shows, but last night was my biggest shot yet.

We headed to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), the place where guys like John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista and Brock Lesnar got their start.

I also got my start there. 

And I embarrassed myself.

Please watch the video.

You can also watch on YouTube.