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I know what you're thinking, and it's a fair question: "But WSD, WTF is the Barstool Barnburner Classic you fat asshole?" 

It's simple: the Barstool Barnburner Classic is the BIGGEST event of the summer for both Red Line Radio and Starting 9 and we cannot wait for it. 

Two summers ago before this Godforsaken pandemic started, I linked up with the family who owns the farm the Field of Dreams movie set is located on. I tossed them over to Dallas, he wheeled, dealed and boom, the Barstool Barnburner Classic was born. Big time shout out to the Stillman family for making this possible.

Let's break it down nice and easy:

WHO: Myself, Carl, Dallas Braden, Jared Carrabis and 35-40 of the most highly skilled (debatable) free agent baseball players on the planet 

WHAT: A 9 inning baseball game. Team Red Line Radio vs. Team Starting 9

WHEN: July 30th and 31st 

WHY: Because baseball is the absolute fucking best game on earth


And that's a MASSIVE emphasis on the last point. Yes, we will be playing on the ACTUAL Field of Dreams movie set. 

Giphy Images.

We had some shit planned out for last summer, but Corona obviously put the kibosh on that. Now that we're about to hear the Corona death rattle, we're drafting ~40 players to join us for two days at the end of July, throw back a few dozen beers, and play the most competitive baseball game in the history of baseball. We're not just going to "have a catch", we're going to be slashing, breaking up 2 with our nails up, and steam rolling catchers to put runs on the board. Maybe. Not sure what the insurance situation is for all of that, but if it were up to me, we'd be playing REAL baseball. None of this sissy avoid contact stuff or runners on 2nd to start extras. 

Nevertheless, I cannot wait to not only take hacks off Dallas, but to unzip my pants and piss all over his lifeless junk. I fully plan on drafting a team that will bury Starting 9's so badly that their podcast ceases to exist out of sheer embarrassment. 

Real talk though, this is going to be a crazy fun time for everyone involved… and did I mention it's located at one of the Meccas of baseball? Because it is. 


Are you 21+ and did you play competitive baseball at any level? Do you want to take a crack at that bearded fuckhead Dallas Braden's 74MPH heater? Do you want to stomp on the mound as you round the bases after taking him yard? Well you might have a shot at doing just that. 

All you have to do is fill out this form

Any questions, feel free to hit myself, Dallas or Jared up. We'll have ballpark food (brats, dogs, etc.) going on the grills, uniforms for each team, and we're going to make a LOT of video content out of it. The movie set will basically be ours for those two days. House, barn, field and all. 

Let's rock!!!!! Can't emphasize how excited both podcast verticals are for this event. It's going to be a shit show in the best way possible. Oh and yeah Red Line Radio is going to SLAUGHTER Starting 9. That's not a promise, that's a fact.