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Dave Portnoy Heads to Indy 500 to Meet Josh Richards after Bussin With the Boys’ in Nashville

Truly was one of the first seltzers to go big with Barstool, and come back with us every year and we are excited to have them back in, and just in time for summer!

With 16 refreshing styles there is literally something for everyone

We’re going to be drinking Truly all year, it’s our favorite hard seltzer, and perfect drink to have when 

  • you’re out on the course all day
  • You’re out at a bar
  • On the Beach
  • Or just relaxing at home

Make sure you’re grabbing some Truly all summer! 


This week on Stool Scenes:  

- More behind the scenes from the final matches of The Dozen Trivia Tournament

- Dave heads down to Nashville to Bus with the Boys for their 100th episode 

- Dave flies to Indy for the party with Diplo and Machine Gun Kelly but first has some pizza reviews to knock out and responds to a DM about trying some of the country’s best fried chicken

- “The Dave Portnoy Show” and “BFF’s” record in-studio in Indy 

- And Dave says farewell to a tech department employee who was part of one of the most legendary nights in Barstool history 

Have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend everybody.