AEW President Tony Khan, My Best Friend, Says Double Or Nothing Will Be 'An Awesome Show'

I'm a super big deal in the Rasslin' world right now. That's why I've been on TV a few times, on pay-per-view, on everything. And because I'm so hot in the streets, I get to bring you exclusive stuff like this.

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khansat down with me yesterday to preview AEW's big show this weekend, Double or Nothing. The card looks incredible, and AEW as a company always delivers in these PPV situations.

So we talked for 28 minutes about:

  • MJF, the hottest young star in professional wrestling, and the quest to repeat the success of last year's Stadium Stampede match. That match was a 30-minute mix of great action and ridiculously silly fun. This year will likely be different, as the two teams - Pinnacle and Inner Circle - hate each other's guts.
  • We talked about the main event, as AEW Kenny Omega is "viewed as one of the best, if not the very best wrestlers on the planet."
  • The incredible build of Dr. Britt Baker, who I believe will become AEW women's champ this weekend.
  • We also just hung out and were boys. You know, I was just chilling as the 42-year-old cool dad from Mississippi and Tony Khan was basically my best friend for 30 minutes. It is what it is, guys. I'm huge now.

Anyway, check out the video if you are a wrestling fan. If you aren't a wrestling fan, be sure to post in the comments funny quips like "People still watch wrestling?" and "You know that stuff is fake, right?" We Rasslin' fans love that stuff.