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Wallo & Gillie Come to New York to Talk to Dave Portnoy About Partying in Miami

Truly the only seltzer the Fore Play guys drink - was one of the first seltzers to go big with Barstool, and come back with us every year and we are excited to have them back in, and just in time for the weather to get nice!

With 16 refreshing styles there is literally something for everyone

We’re going to be drinking Truly all year, it’s our favorite hard seltzer, and perfect drink to have when 

  • you’re out on the course all day
  • You’re out at a bar
  • On the Beach
  • Or just relaxing at home

Make sure you’re grabbing some Truly all summer!


On this week's Stool Scenes, Dave Portnoy's "Team Ziti" Trivia Team becomes embroiled in a controversy over an un-counted point; Jake Marsh asserts his office-wide dominance with an absolute decimation of Hank in the Stool Streams Arena; Wallo and Gillie burst into and onto the Dave Portnoy Show; Troopz gets to prove Dave wrong for betting against his team; The Wonton Don, Nick, KB and director Corey Smutledge "Rediscover" non-Coastal Florida; and Large and Robbie bring the best ringside commentary to the boxing match in Dallas. 

Thanks to the camera squad capturing all the chaos; Rudy, Arya, John Kelly, Devlin, Corey Rutledge, and more. 

We hope you’re all as excited as we are that things are starting to pick back up again here at HQ. 

- MA