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Using a Blowgun to Shoot Invasive Tilapia Down in Florida

My friend Mike decided to try to take us shore fishing for the day, which didn't go as planned but we still had a great time hanging out on the beach. I haven't done a lot of fishing this way, so it was cool just to be able to experience it. We decided to try and redeem ourselves by going after some freshwater tilapia. Freshwater tilapia are not native to Florida and are considered invasive all over the state. They play a role in negatively impacting ecosystem, causing harm to native fish. I've been able to go bowfishing for tilapia in the Everglades and in lake Okeechobee. Mike has a pond overrun with freshwater tilapia in his front yard, so we decided to put our Fish Hawks to work. Fish hawks are essentially a blow gun with a fishing reel attached to it.