Bucs RT Tristan Wirfs Somehow Still Doesn't Have Tom Brady's Number Even After A Year Of Protecting Him

Tristan Wirfs is a stud football player and a great dude. 

He hopped on my show this morning to talk about the NFL Draft, his plans for that, his viral workouts, and of course Tom Brady. I asked him if he's talked to Tom recently. 

"I haven't talked to him personally," Wirfs said.

I then followed up with so even after a whole season of being his starting right tackle and winning a Super Bowl with him, he still hadn't gotten around to exchanging numbers with his QB?

"No. I don't even have his number. During the season he would just message me on Instagram…I think all my buddies thought it was funny, too, that I don't have his phone number because they'd all ask for it. They'd be like "give me Tom's number!" and I'd be like "I don't have it" and they all thought I was lying."

So not even an O-line group chat? An offense one? A 'hey we won the fucking super bowl we're brothers for life' one? Ol' Tommy trying to stay hip and with the times by just messaging his rookie offensive lineman on Instagram. Guess I don't blame him. He is Tom Brady after all. I feel like only his parents, wife, Julian Edelman, Dave, and maybe God should have his phone number. 

The rest of us, even his current Super Bowl champ teammates, are just peasants.