Congratulations To Big Cat For Saving Soccer

With most of the the RnR crew heading to West Virginia today, we had a smaller crew for the Yak, but Big Cat, Brandon, and Owen were able to hold down the fort. With more time available, they made sure to give some praise to one of the hottest employees at Barstool right now, Ben Mintz. Ben has done a great job connecting Ole Miss and Barstool so far, look out for The Yak live in Oxford, Mississippi soon!

Another newer Barstool hire who's been wasting no time establishing himself is Troopz who was able to join the show today in studio. Troopz returned to America for 2 reasons, thank Big Cat for saving soccer, and find Kroenke (and reason #3 its his job).

Merch coming soon…

And wrapping up the show, Brandon announced he has hired a personal trainer to help him get back to peak shape following his bout with Covid. Should be a good first (and last) session!

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