Barstool Rundown - April 12, 2021

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13:04Riley Reid
18:27Sean Payton
21:13Feits vs. Rico


You’ve heard us talk about Revitalyte a lot by now - you know the drill: it is the adult version of a certain drink you find in the baby aisle.

Well the guys at Revitalyte are taking things to the next level and teamed up with us to create the ultimate way to save yourself a rough morning after.

Introducing Revitalyte Black Label - made specifically with Stoolies in mind for maximum recovery and the perfect complement for when your life gets a little rough and rowdy

Don’t pay for Saturday nights on Sunday morning. Revitalyte Black Label pairs perfectly with night caps and midnight snacks. Your nightstand will feel naked without Revitalyte so stock up.

Pick up your Revitalyte Black Label today in stores where they sell beer, wine, or liquor OR online at the Barstool Store

Pro Tip: Drink half at night and the other half in the morning for optimal results



Even if you already feel safe, that might not be true of everyone in your home.

If you’ve never had a conversation about that, it’s honestly not a bad idea to do.

It just feels really good to be able to press the “home button” on my SimpliSafe keypad and hear the Base say “alarm on,” and know that if anyone did try to come in, the alarm would go off.

And the thing is, SimpliSafe just makes it so easy. It takes about two minutes to customize a system on their website, SIMPLISAFE dot com slash rundown.

The system arrives in about seven days. And then it takes just 30 minutes to setup. I’ve done it myself. It’s really easy.

Go to SIMPLISAFE.COM/RUNDOWN to customize your system and get a free security camera.