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Meat Sweats With Jordie: Whole Hog Cookin' At HooDoo Brown BBQ (Ridgefield, CT)

A few months ago I took a trip up to Connecticut to spend the night with the boys and girls over at HooDoo Brown BBQ in Ridgefield. After cooking in the backyard for a while, I figured it was time to finally step my game up a little bit and see what it's like to cook along with some of the finest damn pitmasters you'll ever meet. There are still some folks out there who want to act like you can't find good BBQ outside of places like Texas or Kansas City. But if you take one bite out of pretty much anything on the menu at HooDoo Brown, you'll know that they're a bunch of goddamn rockstars. 

And as it turns out, they decided to do a little something special that weekend. Something I've been wanting to do ever since I watched a Rodney Scott video on YouTube for the first time. It was time to throw down on a little whole hog cookin'. And like I said, the fellas at HooDoo are rockstars. So it wasn't going to be enough to just slap some pulled whole hog on a platter and serve it up to the people. They had to go ahead and put the whole hog on an Apple Cider donut with some apple vinegar slaw. 


Unfortunately the fellas had to let me go after my 1st and only shift at HooDoo. But the show goes on. And once you get the taste of cooking for a crowd, that hunger keeps growing. So we decided to get it going again this past weekend for the first ever Meat Sweats BBQ Pop Up along with my guy Bark Barbecue from Queens. Think it went pretty well. 


Film: @THarris18