Behind The Blog featuring Frankie Borrelli

One of my favorite people at Barstool Sports to just shoot the shit with. My favorite moments with Frankie Borrelli have been off camera, away from the mics. When we are just sitting in the bullpen and we start talking about what the universe is expanding INTO if the universe is infinite???? Are there more trees or chairs in the world??? Or when Frankie loses a fancy bottle of red wine gifted to him by a member of the Islanders and instead of just coming clean he gets himself caught up in a Seinfeldian type lie. Or when he tells me he prefers his porn to be as violent as the scene in Breaking Bad when Gus Fring murders that dude with a box cutter. 

The dude can just flat out shoot the shit. And thats really the most important quality here at Barstool. Be normal, be aware, be funny, and work your ass off. Frankie goes 4 for 4 in that rundown. And you'll learn in this interview, they are all personality traits he had well before "Alright, Frankie" fame. One of the more inspiring stories of going from college dropout and destined-to-be Pizza Boy to the right hand man of a destined-to-be billionaire. 

Pizza was made. Laughs were had. Tears were shed. With an incredible appearance from Frankie Borrelli, Sr. 

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