How Giving Birth Is Going So Far (Alternate Title- BREAKING: My Water)



Last night around 8pm I was roused from a nap by the first contraction and it escalated quickly. Right away they were 2 - 4 minutes apart and STRONG AF. 

As someone touting my plan to “go all natural” on podcasts & previous blogs I must admit - I was not prepared for the pain. Fucking brutal & relentless. It was like a power hour where the shots start to pile up and then overwhelm you and next thing you know you’re on the floor. 

Thankfully one of the things that has always helped me cope in times of struggle, whether physical or mental, has been keeping my mind busy by creating stupid videos & posts. And I’m lucky enough to have a partner in life on the same page. 

So here’s how labor has gone for us so far... There’s no wrong way to have a baby, but I am fully Team Drugs all the way from here on out. And if you’re a nurse, doctor or member of hospital staff out there, THANK YOU. Amazing people all the way through so far. All that’s left to do now is push & meet the love of our life. :) LFG.