Barstool Rundown - March 10, 2021

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00:43Meyers Leonard
07:04Johnny Damon
11:35Slutshaming Cindy
14:47Uber Trash
18:16Michael Angelo's Missing Phone

The Rundown is presented by Truly

Truly was one of the first seltzers to go big with Barstool, and come back with us every year

With summer coming up, that means we are about to have tons of Truly back in the office – and we’re pumped

We’re going to be drinking Truly all year, it’s our favorite hard seltzer, and perfect drink to have if you’re at a bar, on the beach, on a golf course and drinking all day!

Make sure you’re grabbing some Truly this year too, and look out for more news coming out around the Barstool Classic!



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