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Can't believe I had to team up with a podcast called "ANUS" in order to get my first video series sponsored but I'm not complaining. Guess the abroad stuff just doesn't sell. Ya know what does tho? AMERICA. So shout out Labatt Blue Light for allowing us to rediscover it. 

Thanks to Labatt we will be filming five Rediscovering America episodes over the next five months filmed in five unique regions of the country. Last week we finished shooting episode 1 up in The Great Lakes which will premiere March 15th. We filmed a SHIT TON and now have more than enough footage for a TV show length video plus some bonus content. 

I will say that the fan response to us traveling to Northern Michigan in the middle of winter was less than enthusiastic 

Big Cat also predicted that we would get in a horrific car accident with only myself emerging unscathed. And while Owen did drift off at the wheel a couple times 

and Nick and I may have permanent back damage from crashing a different type of vehicle, there were zero casualties on our journey. I would even go as far as to say we had…fun? 

To be fair we did extremely lucky with the weather. If we had left just a week earlier we may have been pretty miserable seeing almost everything we filmed was outside

Weather in the Upper Peninsula Prior To Our Trip

Weather in the Upper Peninsula During Our Trip 

When you have circulation in your hands and feet, there are actually pretty cool things to do/discover up in that neck of the woods. Hands down the best part of these Rediscovering America trips tho is the fan-involvement. Both times we've done a video like this  we've posted a photo of our route beforehand and been flooded by fans recommending spots to visit and offering to be our guide/host along the journey.  Every Michigander and Yooper we met were extremely friendly and went above and beyond to make sure we got the content we came for.  So thank you!

Funny to think the origins of this series was actually us thinking it would be funny to take "Virtual Vacations" to the weirdest//worst places in the country over quarantine

and now we are physically traveling the country.

Tentative Schedule For the Rest of the Series:

Episode 2: Southwest
Episode 3: California
Episode 4: New England
Episode 5: Great Lakes Summer Edition