Barstool Rundown - February 16, 2021

The Rundown is Presented by Rocky Boots

For over 85 years, Rocky has been building the world’s most rugged boots and apparel.

From the jobsite to the campfire, Rocky boots and clothing are built tough - and so comfortable, you’ll wear them everywhere.

And now, Rocky is introducing WorkSmart: rugged, outdoor workwear that is more comfortable than anything out there.

Whether you’re a working man, or just like comfortable manly clothes, try WorkSmart and see how comfortable workwear can be.

Rocky. Rugged Outdoor Heritage Since 1932.

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Felix Gray

Our eyes weren’t meant to look at screens all day.

Felix Gray glasses are like the Ferrari or Rolex of Blue Light Glasses.

They filter 15x more Blue Light from screens than other clear Blue Light lenses to relieve strain from daily screen use.

Dave wears the original “Optical” lenses but anyone with more serious eye strain should check out the “Sleep” lenses.

As a small business themselves that has been fortunate during COVID, they're paying it forward and supporting the Barstool Fund.

10% of sales from the Nash, Hopper, and Roebling frame styles through February will be donated to Barstool Fund.

Free Shipping. Free Exchanges. 30-day money back guarantee.