Behind The Blog featuring The First Mama of Barstool, Kate

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I feel like a broken record when I talk about these Behind the Blog interviews. Every time I'm pretty astounded by the things I learn about the Barstool personalities I talk to, and I feel like every time I'm telling viewers to expect this jaw droppingly real, raw conversation. But it really is that way each and every time. Which actually makes sense. I'm sitting down with the most dynamic, creative, intriguing personalities at the most interesting, popular media company on the planet. So, yea, the stuff they say and the stories they tell, and the people that they are, is all gonna be pretty goddam entertaining. 

Kate maybe more so than anybody so far. From cocaine and suicide, to sex, love & divorce, from the military to the Daily Show to Barstool Sports, this girl has lived a few lifetimes already. Shes seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. With a unique perspective of being a girl always in the boys club...or the first Mom at Barstool Sports...or one of the only female MPs going outside the wire in Afghanistan...shes one of the baddest bitches you'll ever meet.

Luckily shes also one of the biggest sweethearts, and also one of the most naturally funny. So when you add that all up shes the full package. She was a model Marine, shes a stellar blogger, and shes gonna be a fantastic mom. She's the real deal. But settle down, because this fine gentleman already recognized that and made sure he locked her down for life:

Whoops wrong picture I meant to post this one:

Look at this beautiful couple:

That kid is gonna be so fucking awesome. Word on the street is he's already got an awesome dick. No doubt the rest of him is gonna be awesome too.