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Sitting Down With Matt "The Steamrolla" Frevola At The Pool Just Hours Before He Fights At UFC 257

I've got one last interview for you guys/girls before UFC 257, and it's another one that was a LOOOOONG time coming.

Matt "The Steamrolla" Frevola is a Strong Island guy (and a big Stoolie!) that I've been a fan of for years now, and it was awesome getting to chat with him just hours before he competes tonight - especially being that his scheduled opponent pulled some CRAAAAZY shit to get fired from the UFC this week.... 

They've found a replacement for The Streamrolla tho, and we discussed the opponent change, mentally gearing up for this fight, what the fuck coulda been in that bag of Ottman's, and more!

Funny enough, I actually had a heated back and forth on Twitter with Matt's twin brother years ago….

….and we talked about that too and (I think) buried the hatchet. I was definitely a bit of a cock that night, and to Cheezie: I'm sorry I told you to mix in a water. I was likely wrong about the scorecards or whatever it is you were enraged about. Respect for going full Long Island hardo on a kid who's never been in a fight before spouting nonsense about 10-8 rounds. 

P.S. If you hear some noise in the background, it's Conor McGregor meditating/doing deep breathing exercises and his kids playing. I'm serious. They were right there.

In case you missed it….