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Longtime Toolies: Vindog Unboxes A New Table Saw

Recently someone commented, "Vindog's been at Barstool just long enough for a cup of coffee", and that person was right. I officially became a full-time employee on February 8, 2020. So, in about a month it'll be one year.

In that time I've been involved in a lot of Barstool activities. In addition to the memes and blogs, I made some eggplant, jumped out of a dumpster, trashed my New England Patriots, made a few podcast appearances with Eddie and Large & Clem, I sang on "Imagine", and I should've beat Rone at beer pong. There's always next year!

Recently, I had a lengthy conversation with Chaps and him and I agreed that since we're both toolies who get involved in DIY projects, it's only right that I become a regular contributor to the Longtime Toolies.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be working with Chaps and how much I look forward to creating video content of some of the projects I get involved in. I'm a licensed Master Plumber by trade, but it doesn't end there. I enjoy working with wood and getting involved in building projects. My first project is about to begin and it's in my house. I'm gonna be building a workout room where there was once an office and later, a mess. There's a lot of work to do and I'm gonna video it so you can see me in action.

Warning: When I've been working hard and run into a situation, I tend to use the expletive "fuck" a lot. Sometimes as a standalone word, other times with an -ing ending, making it an adverb. I can get pretty creative and pair it with the most unusual adjectives. Sometimes I might say "I don't give a fuck", in which case I'm using it as a noun. Just a heads-up.

The first video is the "unboxing of my new table saw". I behaved myself more than normal, and so I promise to be as natural as possible in the next one...