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Barstool Chicago Watches The Bears Lose To The Packers: StoolGating Episode 10 Presented By Miller Lite (VIDEO)

Not the final score you hope for or predict in the Bears game but end of the day we survive and advance to the playoffs. It might be the first time in my adult life that the Bears caught a break so you can imagine there's room to celebrate. On the downside that's not exactly how you want to finish the season. 

Special Thank You to Miller Lite for supporting us and the Chicago Bears along the way. 2020 has been nothing short of extremely fucked up so to have a consistent beer and fantastic partner along the tumultuous terrain has been a major advantage in our corner. We really can't thank our good friends at Miller Lite enough. GTLF is becoming a way of life and I couldn't be happier. 

Good luck to the Bears this weekend. Probably going to have a couple beers in preparation. You guys are more than welcome to join me. 

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