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The Goddamn Jets S4E18 - Unreleased, Cutting Room Floor from Week 15

If you’re one of the people who like to laugh at my sports (and life) misfortune (you are), watch this video. This is how the final weeks of the Jets season was SUPPOSED to go. Perhaps my greatest mush yet...this video was filmed prior to the Rams game. I was SO GODDAM SURE the Jets were going to lose to the Rams and the Browns I was preparing for today. I was preparing for Bill Belichick. I was preparing for the Patriots to be the reason we didn’t land Trevor Lawrence. I was convinced Bill and New England’s sneaky ways would tank our tank and be the reason we didn’t land our generational talent. So we filmed this Pepe Silvia conspiracy theory, connect-the-dots fiasco to explain how Trevor Lawrence would end up on the Jaguars. Obviously we are still facing the same result...but it’s funny too rewind just a few weeks ago when every battered Jets fan was bracing for the Pats to once again, as always, be the reason we lose. J E T S, just end the season.