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REPLAY: Inside the Cyber Monday Barstool Escape Room

Back on Monday, Glenny Balls, Brandon Walker, White Sox Dave, and Kate had one hour to complete 10 Barstool related tasks in order to get the key to get out of the Barstool Escape Room. If they failed, they would be trapped for a certain number of hours, depending on how much money was raised by Stoolies during our Cyber Monday Telethon. Caleb and I take you through a wild adventure with an interesting foursome. Could they beat the clock?

Challenge 1 - Big Cat's Pile

Challenge 2 - One Bite

Challenge 3 - Endless Larry's

Challenge 4 - Duct Tape Hank

Challenge 5 - Buds

Challenge 6 - Ice Ryan Whitney

Challenge 7 - Pardon My Flakes

Challenge 8 - Moon Man

Challenge 9 - Newspaper 

Challenge 10 - Complete the Mural