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Barstool Gets Battlefield Tested By Eating M.R.E.'s

The first version of the Meal Ready to Eat (M.R.E.) was introduced to American soldiers during the Revolutionary War and has come a long way since 1776. Unfortunately for the troops, a long way isn't far enough for most of today's battlefield ready meals. The M.R.E. selection is a variety of entrees with an assortment of sides, electrolyte drink mix, coffee powder, and snacks all equalling around 1,200 calories while having a minimum shelf life of 3 years. 

Reports from real soldiers who have had to consistently eat MRE's are the Chili Mac is the best, while the veggie omelet is an absolute affront to God. (which is probably why the military discontinued the omelet.)

Joe Raedle. Getty Images.

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