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10 Minutes Of Caleb & Rone Breaking Down The Best Fighters From RnR 12

See the FULL Fight Card + Tale of the Tapes HERE

Jump into the RnR 12 water my friends, it's plenty warm already and these fighters are soaking wet with pure fury. Our video above is the 1st of a few matchup previews we have coming so YOU can get the best RnR 12 information possible before the PPV at 8 pm.

And here's another reason to learn about these matchups before the unfiltered beauty of Big Cat's National Anthem begins... Does anyone want free money out there? ANYONE??!

5 fights, 10 questions, 1 winner walking out of our RED vs BLUE PPV with $25k in their pocket. Not too shabby! And even if no one goes 10/10 we're still giving away $1,000 GUARANTEED to the highest score of the night... There's NO reason not to join and if you put a keen eye to these matchup previews, no reason not to win either.

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Order for 20 fights, NO HEADGEAR, ring girl contest, 4'2'' vs 4'3'' and more