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PFT Commenter & I Played Among Us With Top 10 Youtuber In The World "I Am Wildcat" You Will Never Believe What Happened Next!

So Among Us is the new game that is hot in the streets right now. Last month alone it had over 4 billion views on Youtube

AOC was playing last night with over 400K people watching & the list goes on and on. Thanks to Common Man Crew member Himicane, PFT & I were invited to play in a lobby with I Am Wildcat, a Youtuber/Streamer with a massive following

Watch the video above to see how it went but much like Call OF Duty & every other video game I play, I sucked. It was a very fun time and made me want to organize a game with Barstool people in the future but yea, I gotta work on my Imposter game.