The Goddamn Jets - Season 4 Episode 6 - Released

Leveon Bell...the luckiest man in New York right now. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty you are FREE AT LAST! Getting released from the Jets has gotta be one of the greatest feelings in all of sports. I mean can you imagine in a matter of 24 hours, getting set free from the clutches of Adam Gase, Joe Flacco and the Jets and landing with Patrick Mahomes and the defending Super Bowl champs? Fucking incredible.

I wish it could happen to me. I wish I could be fucking released. So I began to think of everyone else trapped in a set of shitty circumstances who's trying to be set free. Adnan Syed. Shamu from Sea World. The list goes on and on. But nobody getting the awareness out there better than Britney motherfuckin Spears. Give it a couple more months and she'll be released from her Conservatorship. So I'm taking a page out of her book to get released from my captors as well...

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