Answer The Internet featuring Sherrrod Small

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Like 10 years ago I saw Sherrod Small on the Upper East Side at, I wannna say Dangerfields. Maybe the Comic Strip, but its unimportant. It was the first comedy show I had gone to in a NYC club. I had seen Dane Cook as our Spring Weekend performer at Fordham, and probably some other miscellaneous comedy type performances... but Sherrod was my first real New York City, stand up comedy experience. And it was SO GODDAMN FUNNY it made understand just how amazing that whole scene can. I believe I even tried DMing him to get him on the early days of Mailtime to no avail. But here he is, like a decade+ later, in studio, Answering The Internet. Amazing how that kinda shit can go. And let me tell you, Sherrod still got it.  

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