Lana Rhoades & Mike Majlak Answer The Internet

Lana Rhoades returns to Barstool HQ, this time with her man Mike Majlak from the Night Shift and Impaulsive Show. Quite different than her first appearance at HQ, but still crushing it as the #1 ranked girl in the world. From strawberries and rubber duckies to crushing the vlog world, it’s Lana’s world and we’re just living in it. Same thing for Mike. His story is unbelievable. From literally knocking on death’s door as a drug addict to dominating YouTube and the podcast scene, his story is fucking fascinating. His book The Fifth Vital is out now and is a fantastic read about coming back from the brink of death and dominating life. If you know either of them from their previous endeavors and compare it to now, it’s a wild story of 2 sexy kids (well, one. Sorry Mike) making shit tons of money and living the fucking LIFE.

Both of them make their dreams come true on the Internet, so it’s only right we put them to the test and make them answer the Internet’s toughest. Subscribe on YouTube here:

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