Did Joe Thomas & Big Cat Party Together At Wisconsin?

Both midwest guys. Both at Wisconsin in the mid-2000's. Both love football. 

They had to have run into each other a few times in Madison while in school, right? 

"So I did not know him personally, but we were in the same freshmen orientation class, and I didn't know that until he told me like five years ago and I'm like 'Ohhh you were that fat kid in my freshmen orientation class," Thomas said about Big Cat.

So they were together on some of their first days at the University of Wisconsin, but after that they never even saw each other at a party or bar or anything?

"I can't say he was a memorable personality at that point. He had not become 'Big Cat' yet."


A future Pro Football Hall of Famer and a future host of the world's number 1 sports podcast in the world all in the same group doing awkward ice breakers together back in the fall of 2003ish. 

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