Stool Scenes 276 - The Barstool Sportsbook App, Deion Sanders at HQ, Marty Kind Of Shaves His Head, Brandon Walker vs. Producers


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 Another loaded episode. Football is back!!!! Barstool is going fuckin wild and we have your BTS of it all. Here’s what we got this week:

-Big Cat wont go on Picks Central until Marty Shaves his head. This is an ongoing storyline throughout this episode. Martin is mad at me for resurfacing the shaved head bet. I’m sorry Martin.

- BTS of my favorite show on the Barstool airwaves - Barstool Sports Advisors. Dave Portnoy Dave Portnoy Dave Portnoy Dan Katz Dan Katz Dan Katz Stu Feiner Stu Feiner Stu Feiner. 

- Pick Em Podcast - New show logo with Rico front and center. 

- College Football Show - Dave hates the JIB Camera and All biz Pete. 

- Big Cat tests Marty's head shave and all is forgiven in the gambling world. 

- Deion Sanders comes to HQ3 for Barstool Breakfast And sets the place on fire 

- Pro Football Football show taping at HQ2 with Deion. and has some funny comments about Mantis. I mean very funny. 

- One of Brandon Walker’s producers is mad at him. Maybe he shouldn’t be such a dick to his producers. 

- BTS of Barstool Sportsbook App commercial. DOWNLOAD NOW!!

smell ya,

Dana B