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Barstool Rundown - September 16, 2020

Rocky Boots

This episode of the Rundown is presented by Rocky Boots. Quality boots that are comfortable right out of the box and cost way less than competitive brands. Whatever the outdoors means to you, Rocky has a pair of boots for you. These boots keep your feet cool and comfortable, whether you are working a tough job or hanging out in the backyard. Rocky makes great boots at a fair price. Give them a try the next time you are hiking, fishing, working, or grilling. Your feet will thank you.

Rocky. Rugged since 1932.

Go to and enter the code RUNDOWN at check out for 25% off your next pair of boots.



Everyone knows Birddogs shorts, but now, they make pants.

They stole Lululemon’s designer and now they’re just doing it better.

Birddogs are pants, but they have the underwear built right in.

They look exactly like khakis or chinos but feel like silky-soft pajamas.

They’re my work pants, my active pants, and my happy-hour pants.

They’re comfortable, the material is so soft and they stretch! What more could you ask for?

Go to, enter promo code “RUNDOWN” and they’ll throw in a free pair of Nunchucks. Yes. You heard that right. Nunchucks.