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Stool Scenes 275 - Deion Sanders, The Return of Stu Feiner & Barstool Sports Advisors, & The Rico Bo$co Reveal

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Absolutely packed episode of the Scenes this week. It really does feel like things are somewhat getting back to normal with lots of people back in the office. My favorite episode of Stool Scenes in a while. Laser Jake, Rudy, Josh, Arya the GOATS. Make sure you watch Barstool Sports Advisors as well. My all-time favorite Barstool Sports program by a mile. Shoutout to the Lockwood Coaching Tree. Check out what we have going on this week:

-It feels like forever ago that the world was talking about Odell Beckham getting pooped on. Well, we have our finest poop analysts talking about poop.

•The Fantasy Football Factory is back and we have a Pizzagate controversy. I fucking love Smitty. Was laughing my balls off this whole segment.

•Making A Gambler also returns and we got some outtakes that will make you giggle.

•Barstool Sports Advisors Returns and Stu Feiner also returns. Fireworks ensue. 

•Rico Bo$co shows his face to the world. If you aren't a Rico Ryder at this point then you're simply a skell idiot dummy.

•College Football Show is back. B Walk will not get bullied this year. He simply will not.

•We go to Dallas to see Deion Sanders, a couple employees get in trouble, and we just have some overall fun times.

Enjoy fuckers. Love you all,

Dana B.