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"I Didn't Go With Them That Day ..."

Twisted History produced by John Kelly, Research by Saint Anne

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Anne: We’re all family. 

We've been together for about 20 years. I dealt with these guys every day, so it's going to be very difficult not being here with them. 

FOX NEWS: Welcome back to Portraits of Life's Lost. Antoinette Harvey came on Fox News Channel looking not only for her father, but for five of his closest friends and colleagues. Here's their story:

Anne: They had breakfast meeting every Tuesday morning, and you know, so many times I went up with them. Usually when I went up with them, they were on their way down by eight thirty-five, because I have to be on the floor before nine o'clock. I didn't go with them that day.

FOX NEWS: Emerick Harvey, his brother-in-law Bob Twomey, and five close associates of the Wall Street firm Harvey Young Yurman, were having their weekly breakfast meeting at Windows on the World. When the terrorists struck, there was no way they could escape. 

Anne: This is the house my grandfather grew up in. He took over once he got married and he raised his six kids. It's almost like the heart of the family.

FOX NEWS: With any sudden loss, there are always regrets. But, for the close-knit Harvey family, the regrets are few. 

Jennifer Castelano: I think the biggest disappointment is like, with his parents, especially your mom didn't get to see him so successful. A couple more years could have taken care of him. They would never believe what the family accomplished. 

Anne: My dad's a guy from Brooklyn. He grew up, went to High School, and made it on Wall Street. He worked at the candy store around the corner and he delivered pizzas from from there. He ran kiddy rides with the families. 

He was just starting out on Wall Street, and then doing this on the weekends. He started out as a clerk. He started making relationships with the guys on the desk, made friends, and my dad became a broker. I remember on both floors, my dad was the kind of guy who - his handshake was good enough. He bought it himself on being loyal, and keeping his word, and making friendships like that. He made so many. 

*Huge thanks to Large's wife Anne McCarthy and all she does for the podcast, with research/social posts and occasional co-host. She's got huge cojones for opening up and sharing her story with all of us won't want to miss it.