Mike Feeney Answers the Internet

Guest Blog Written by Mike Cannon

Mike Feeney is a very funny stand up comedian/androgynous model out of New York City. He’s know for his hair and as the co-host of the wildly popular (in certain areas) Irish Goodbye Podcast alongside criminally underrated comedian/personal hero Mike Cannon. His album/special “Rage Against the Routine” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts and other made up ranking systems.

This summer Feeney made his movie debut where he fulfilled a dream of his and shared the screen in a feature film with his longtime mentor and luminary Mike Cannon. “Timing” is available on Amazon Prime now.

-Mike Cannon

The Irish Goodbye podcast is featuring 2 comedians both known for their hair. Feeney with a nice flow and Cannon with a flow that screams “I have daddy issues!” The only thing that screams daddy issues louder than Mike Cannon’s hair is Mike Cannon on stage doing his act when he screams “I have daddy issues!” Feeney is reminiscent of John Mulaney. The voice... the mannerisms...all that’s missing is the stand up comedy success! 

After you watch Feeney talk about pouring chocolate syrup on his tits, check out Cannon’s ATI where he proclaims himself perhaps the world biggest scumbag

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