Twisted History Teaches Vibbs About The Grandeur Of 90s Pubic Hair

This week on Twisted History...

- We dive deeper into the sordid fetishes of serial killer Albert Fish, aka "The Brooklyn Vampire."

- I defend Delta 8, which, for the uninitiated, is a (formerly legal) happy medium between CBD and THC.

- We tell the story of a group that a handful of painted people call "the greatest rock and roll band of all time."

- I go into great detail about all of the women Gene Simmons has banged.

- We learn who the Schutzstaffel were and why they probably didn't listen to KISS.

- And I give Vibbs his first taste of what a women's undercarriage looked like in the early 1990s after asking him to Google search "Shannon and Tracy Tweed shower Playboy 1991"... For those who need further clarification, Cardi B might refer to it as a HAP, and in a day and age where monuments to the past are being torn down, I am determined to make sure this little bit of blown-out and teased history lives on forever.

Take a report.