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Stool Scenes 271 - Barstool Takes Over The Universe For The Millionth Time

This episode of Stool Scenes is brought to you by Owen's Mixers. Barstool & Foreplay has teamed up with Owen’s to create the perfect Transfusion Mix that delivers a crisp refreshing flavor combination of real grape juice and ginger ale. Available online on the Owen's site to purchase some yourself:

The Stool Scenes boys are fuckin' heating up, shoutout Josh, Rudy, and Arya. The office continues with a nice buzz this week especially with the return of Dave for a day. It was a mini look into what I'm sure will be an interesting week once Dave returns to the office for good. Here's what we got on tap in this fucking banger of an episode:

-Dave’s back in the office and he and Erika explain how we landed a NFL HOFer named Deion Sanders on the pirate ship. Ever fucking heard of him? He then goes on Picks Central and has a little run-in with Brandon "Management" Walker. Rico also joins the office and gives his thoughts on his potential sit-down with Dave and runs into some skells along the way. Rico Ryder for life.

-Call her daddy x Miley Cyrus. I try not to use this phrase too much because I think it is certainly overused at Barstool but what a world. If you know me, you know I'm extremely close with Alex Cooper and even I was astounded we were able to land Miley. Party in the USA is still an absolute banger to this day. Summer 09 was sick.

-Walk The Line weekly recap. The boys just making some amazing points all throughout the week on your favorite gambling program.

-We have drama and I mean DRAMA with serious accusations of Frank The Tank cheating on The Dozen. We talk to the real players in this crazy situation and get to the bottom of the cheating scandal that rocked the world.

-Tank Sinatra visits the office and KFC Radio, who just launced an ATI app this week, not to fucking brag. 

-Stool Streams launched this week and Hank Lockwood is just an absolute genius. Shoutout to the Lockwood Coaching Tree. Check out some behind the scenes of Hank's awesome new product.

Love you all and drink responsibly this weekend,

Dana B.