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Barstool Outdoors S2 Episode 7: Bloody, Muddy, Python Noodling In My Underwear

You know its going to be a hell of a time when me and Trapper Mike get together.  One of my favorite people to hang out with in the entire world, Mike Kimmel aka the Python Cowboy had me join him for a couple excursions out in the swamp and boy was it a blast.  We got muddy, we got bloody, and we laughed our asses off while removing trash, toads, and a load of invasive snakes from the Florida Everglades.  Trapper Mike is one of the most genuine people on the entire internet and has always done right by me.  A true outdoorsman who lives for the animals and protects the native wildlife.  Every single time I meet up and get into some trouble with Trapper Mike I end up having the most fun I've had in a long while and I am so grateful we are able to put these experiences on film, its a blast.

These animals are really unique survivors that have made South Florida their home.  While they are invasive and must be removed if we want to protect the native ecosystems, that doesn't mean Trapper Mike and I don't love them.  The beautiful colors and rainbow sheen on their skin, their incredible hiding ability, and lightning fast bite are all so amazing to witness in person.  It kills me that we have to euthanize them afterwards, but it is legitimately required by law and is crucial to giving native wildlife a chance at surviving into the future.

Once again THANK YOU to Labatt and Dude Wipes for making it possible.  I love you guys a TON.

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Also, make sure to follow Trapper Mike on Instagram he is one of the most entertaining people on the entire app on a daily basis.