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3Chi is the leader in hemp-derived cannabinoid products. All products are formulated by a biochemist and all products are made in the USA with USA grown hemp. When they released their Delta 8 products, they were the first federally legal THC products sold in the USA since prohibition started almost 90 years ago!

Delta 8 is a federally legal version of THC and is a perfect substitute for anyone using Delta 9 who wants the same great feelings without the negative side effects. Delta 8 will have you feeling amazing yet be functional and clear headed instead of lazy and paranoid.

3Chi isn’t just the best in the Delta 8 industry, they invented the industry.

3Chi’s Delta 8 is 100% hemp-derived, federally legal, and available online at and at select retailers around the country. Use code RUNDOWN at checkout to receive 5% off your order.

Must be 21 to purchase


Dadi Kit

1 in 7 couples experience infertility. And men are responsible for half of all known infertility cases.

Dadi's here to normalize the conversation around male reproductive health.

We want to make the process of fertility testing & sperm banking as comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective as possible.

No longer do you have to travel to a sperm bank, masturbate in an uncomfortable room, and wait weeks to receive results. Dadi has developed a high-tech, at-home sperm collection kit, which allows you to test and store your sperm, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

These services through sperm banks usually cost thousands of dollars, but Dadi provides an at-home collection kit, a lab-tested fertility report, free overnight shipping, and a FREE year of cryogenic sperm storage, all for $199

For any new customers coming, we’re providing $50 off their purchase. Go to and insert discount code RUNDOWN50 at checkout to order your kit today!