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Stool Scenes 270 - Barstool Interns Are Back and Weirder Than Ever

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A bit more energy this week at Barstool HQ, and you'll see that in this week's episode. The office seems to be buzzin' more and that translates immediately to fire episodes of The Scenes. All-around just fuckin funny along with introducing some fresh faces.

-Picks Central returns with Rico Bosco coming back to the office. The boys give their thoughts on the state of the show with sports returning, and of course there are some fireworks. Seven Years. Some Things.

-We introduce the new flock of Barstool interns. If you know Barstool, you know that this company has a knack for finding some interesting characters through internships, sometimes even by accident. Shoutout Musky, Simon, Weird Haircut Seth, etc.

-One of the interns, Devon, is allegedly Tommy Smokes' #1 fan. Did not think such a person existed, but we caught their interaction and let's just say Tom didn't really know what to do with his hands. Love you Tommy.

-Unless you live under a fucking rock, you heard about the new barstool app that Handsome Hank launched with the help of many others here at Barstool called PlayBarstool. Hank gives the lowdown on how the app works and even gets some praise from Davey Pageviews.  DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE.

-We also introduce Bailey Carlin, who cooked some shit up for the Yak. Literal shit I think. I'm sorry if you're reading this Bailey but every time I saw you in the office I thought you were a girl. Still a really nice guy though. 

-Some other random conversations and interactions around the office. It feels good to have a lot of personalities back and catch a lot more of this in-office stuff, and hopefully we are close to being close to normal. You will notice the structure of the show may look a little different, with more sit-down confessional style interviews, and with a lot more bodies in the office now, Stool Scenes should be getting back into shape. 

Have a great weekend, slug some beverages, love you all (most of you).

Dana B.