Does A "Loser Gene" Exist? And Where Can The People Who Have It Be Found?

One of the most fascinating things I stumbled across recently on the internet. That there are geographical spots where entire towns are just proven losers. The products the adopt are failures. The candidates the endorse lose. Their property values are lower than surrounding areas. They are just proven to pick the wrong side of everything. If you introduce a new product to the market and you see that one of these specific zip codes adopt it, you can be sure its going to fail. If you're a presidential candidate and early numbers say a Harbinger Zip Code is supporting you, shut it down. Its over. You lose.

And the kicker? If you move towns? Its probably you'll end up moving to ANOTHER Harbinger Zip Code. Like the Final Destination of being a Loser. You cant escape it. It follows you everywhere.

Honestly its a lot like my Mush. Sometimes I ask myself how its possible I'm this much of a loser. All my teams. All my thoughts. All the things I like and watch and predict...all if it goes to shit. And maybe its not just coincidence. Maybe I've got the Loser Gene. Maybe I'm a Harbinger of Failure. And the worst part is, sounds like I cant even escape it if I tried.

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