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Barstool Rundown - July 27, 2020

New Amsterdam Vodka

This golf season New Amsterdam Vodka, the official vodka of Barstool Sports, wants you to make any hole on the course the 19th Hole.

Everyone knows there is nothing better than enjoying a well-made transfusion during your round and now you have a chance to win free golf gear for you and your friends for doing it.

Here’s what you got to do:

  • From July 5th through September 30th, take a picture of your New Amsterdam Vodka transfusion and tag #19thHoleContest for a chance to win a transfusion Barstool/NAV merch pack for you and friends
    • Orca Tumblers, Golf Polo, Golf Towel, Glassware, Putter Cover, and more
  • You can also find more details and enter by heading to

We will be picking winners every single week so make sure to get your bottle of New Amsterdam and enter to sweepstakes.

New Amsterdam distills its vodka five times using only the finest quality grains from America’s heartland, resulting in a premium vodka with unparalleled smoothness that is then filtered three times for a clean, crisp finish. New Amsterdam Vodka, the official vodka of Barstool Sports.



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